Indie App Sales! is running again, this time from July 9th to 10th.

The last sale wasn’t that long ago, so the list of apps I checked out or bought this time is significantly shorter than my last one. However, this still means that those who didn’t make a purchase last time might find something they like this time.

  • Authenticator App Widget - thinking about buying it; I should delete my Twilio account and I can still not decide if I should keep my 2FA in iCloud Keychain, hardware token, 1PW or an independent third party app
  • Bookmarks - URL manager - I just have to buy and try every bookmark manager out there
  • Bookmarks+ - c.f. Bookmarks 😎
  • Fasty: Intermittent Fasting - downloaded (may always be available for free)
  • Find Any File (FAF) - Lou recommended it before and now was a good opportunity to purchase it; did not try yet myself
  • GamingBuddy: Games Discovery - looks interesting, but it’s regular price is not worth it for me and therefore I won’t go with the discount for the first year either
  • Gentler Streak - I think I will skip it this time again
  • Plinky - looked briefly into the free version; even 50% off $45 for the yearly subscription is way too much money for me, esp. considering the fact that Anybox only costs $18 / a or $45 for Lifetime
  • PowerPhotos - I actually use several photo libraries at work, but I think I can probably continue to get by without this app; if I do need it, I just have to pay the full price, which is not that much more expensive than its sale price
  • Söka: Al Bucket List Generator - I enjoyed using Söka but I am just not travelling enough
  • Surfed - History & Bookmark Manager - bought the Lifetime Purchase and will re-evaluate

What did you buy this year? Are there any other gems that I have overlooked so far?